Geddes Capital was founded in Cape Town in 2017 by Brent Geddes, Carnel Botha and Warren Deats. Carnel, a Chartered Accountant, Brent, an Investment Banker and Trader and Warren, a Global Equity Trader and Investor who has spent the previous 17 years in various divisions of investment banking and professional services in Johannesburg, London, Hong Kong and Tanzania. The unique skill set of the team and their desire to return to Cape Town to take advantage of the many opportunities that South Africa has to offer was the cornerstone for the creation of the business.

Geddes Capital operates a number of different business units that leverage the unique skill-set of the team to add value in specific areas. These areas are:

Early Stage Private Equity

Geddes Capital will take stakes in companies where we feel we can add significant value. Unlike many other private equity businesses, Geddes Capital will leverage our vast network of contacts and be directly involved in the running of our investments to ensure that the true value is unlocked. Geddes Capital focuses on investment opportunities across the agricultural, agri-processing, distribution, manufacturing and fast moving consumer good space. We will also consider technology businesses where there is a clear line of sight to revenue generation.

Trade Finance

Geddes Capital has been Co-mandated by an international fund to source trade finance opportunities in Africa. Our biggest advantage is that the ultimate funder looks through to the commodity/product being financed rather than the balance sheet of the applicant allowing for many more transactions to be funded and with far quicker turnaround times.

Bridge Financing

Geddes Capital has created a book looking for opportunities to provide bridge funding to businesses that require the funding to bridge short term liquidity issues. We typically will lend up to R5 million per deal for an initial period of up to 1 year. We feel we have an edge in that we can respond and issue loans for complex situations within a matter of days, specifically where the typical banking channels could not.

Capital Raising, Structuring and Advisory

Geddes Capital has the ability to source capital as well as structure deals for high growth companies. We will focus on matching up the appropriate investors or providers of capital with the correct companies and assist with structuring the investment for the benefit of all parties involved. Geddes Capital will also assist other Private Equity firms, Investment banks or investors looking at specific investments where Geddes Capital has very explicit industry experience/understanding and knowledge. We can assist with the due diligence process and advise clients on the merits of an investment or how best to realise the value of an investment decision.